“What fresh hell is this?” ~Dorothy Parker

I believe in rhetoric, the nuanced-nitty-gritty-under-a-microscope-situated-practice of shaping common sense through language.

My research investigates the role of style in U.S. political culture, from Trump’s #wordsalad to Beyonce’s “Formation.” My research interests intersect with the courses teach that I teach in public speaking, rhetoric, speech, media, and interpersonal communication.

I want the world to mince its words. I want a classroom so full of energy that other people ask us to quiet down. I want everyone to speak now, never hold their peace.

Unquestionably do I support the mission of public education as an increasingly uncommon common good.

There’s more but that’s why I made a website. Go click on things!

A message to my students during COVID-19

I imagine that the initial thrill (both bad and good) of the shelter-in-place order has worn off by now. You may be experiencing loneliness, regret, nostalgia, disappointment…some of you worse, some of you better. Know that I am here for you if you need me and there’s not one of you I don’t believe can get through this. You know how to reach me. I will be here. Take care of yourselves and each other. ~l

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