I believe in rhetoric, the nuanced-nitty-gritty-under-a-microscope-situated-practice of shaping common sense through language.

My research investigates the role of style in U.S. political culture, from the Trump's #wordsalad to Beyonce's "Formation." My research interests intersect with the courses teach I teach in public speaking, rhetoric, speech, media, and interpersonal communication.

I want the world to mince its words. I want a classroom so full of energy that other people ask us to quiet down. I want students to speak now, never hold their peace.

Unquestionably do I support the mission of public education as an increasingly uncommon common good.

Mentoring Research

Received the Kyrwood Fellowship for Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Service Learning

Interpersonal Communication students deliver workshops to local high school students

Speech & Media

Host of the New Books Network: Language and Media & Communication